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Tutorial Running Examples

TOPAS-Academic Tutorial

Running Examples

TA examples can be easily run using jEdit. You can either open a prepared input file directly in jedit or use menus to find Alan’s example files.

Built in examples can be found within jEdit. Open the XInsert node “Topas_v4.1_Menus / Examples”. Open the node called Rietveld refinement. Click on the item called var_div_y2o3.inp. This loads the INP file var_div_y2o3.inp into jEdit from the directory test_examples found in the main TA directory. The jEdit screen should look like the following:

Click on the icon   to start TA. Note, once TA is started it is not necessary to start it again.
Click on the icon   .which sends the name of the present INP file to a text file in the main TA directory called LAUNCH_FILE.TXT. This simply instructs TA to operate on the INP file in the active jEdit view which in this case is ae1-adps.inp.
Alt-Tab to TA and press the icon in the Fit Window looking like   .; this starts the refinement of var_div_y2o3.inp.

At the end of refinement TA asks whether to update the INP file with the refined results; answer yes.

Alt-Tab back to jEdit; jEdit will automatically load the updated var_div_y2o3.inp file with the refined parameters shown in red.

All examples under the node “Examples” can be run in the manner described above. It is useful to look through the examples and try running a few.