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topas_jedit update

jEdit menus update TOPAS v6 to v7


jEdit 5.5 is now the “officially supported version”. You can update from the jEdit installation page. jEdit4.3 should still work fine.

If you just want to update your jEdit menus to include v7 versions then save the files below to your jEdit settings xinsert directory. You can find the directory by going to menu Utilities/Settings Directory in jEdit. Delete all the old .xml files first.

Thanks to Fabian for v7 menus.

v7 menus

Durham menus

v6 menus

v5 menus

v4 menus

Setting up jEdit for working with commercial Topas and Topas v5/v6

June 2017: compatibility with commercial topas has been in place for 5 years. If you need to do this just do a reinstallation of jedit from point 5 onwards.

If you haven’t already done so please register here. I’ll periodically send information about updates and bug fixes.