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Tutorial Lamno3

Rietveld Refinement of LaMnO3

Files needed: lamno3.xylamno3_pbnm_start.cif

Learning Outcomes: A simple Rietveld refinement of LaMnO3 in space group Pbnm setting with 7 refinable coordinates. In this setting they are La(x,y), O1(x,y) and O2(x,y, z).These are the same data that are later used for symmetry-mode refinements.

1. Download the files listed above and save in the working directory on your local computer.

2. Use the menus in jedit to perform a Rietveld refinement. The diffractometer is Durham_d5000_solx.

3. This is a simulated data set with no systematic errors and only random noise. You should be able to get a very good quailty fit to the data, with wRp = 8.73 % or lower.